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Trailblazer, Pioneer in Outdoor Training, Body-Mind Enthusiast

Stacy is a fit-preneur that has taken her fundamental beliefs of health, fitness and conscious living and created Stacy's Bootcamp. A trailblazer in outdoor fitness, she has traveled the world from NYC to India teaching people how to change their bodies, change their minds and change their lives.

For over 17 years Stacy has been teaching people how to get in shape, eat healthy and create balance. Her extensive training in Tae Kwon Doe, Capoeira, kickboxing and bootcamp drills have led her to a deep understanding of the body and its movements. As a student of the world, she has learned to combine an intense physical practice with movement meditation for an elevated state of health.

In 2009, she created The Body❊Mind Project which combines exercise and meditation in one program. The total body approach continually challenges participants to find their inner sources of strength, endurance and flexibility while centering the mind.

Today, Stacy spends time teaching bootcamp classes in Central Park, speaking at work shops and corporate events, writing for the Huffington Post, leading retreats, and traveling the world to spread her ideas of healthy living.

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