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BodyMind Project

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Our Minds are an untapped reservoir of innate wisdom.

Without any help, our minds can handle a thousand biological functions simultaneously and still leave room for our To-Do lists.  There is nothing too complex for the human brain.  But how can we use our thoughts and intentions effectively?  

There is a type of focus that exists only in meditation. In my own life, meditation was the last uncharted territory, which connected all of my desires with reality.  I found that after an intense workout, there was a window of opportunity where the mind was perfectly still.  We can use this state to transform our frustrations into happiness. Not only will you change the way you see things, you will change your life.  

Our minds are no different than our muscles.  They need regular exercise, training, and focused techniques if we ever expect to reach our fullest potential.  The formula requires a fusion of the Body and the Mind.  

"Change your Body, Change your Mind, Change your Life."

 made by bóm